Hey! 👋

I am an Angular Enthusiast and a Frontend Developer from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Now I am working on a big Angular component library Taiga UI in Tinkoff.ru

I write tech articles about JavaScript, Angular and Open Source.
You can read them in English on my Medium blog or in Russian on Habr

I support and develop several Open Source projects on my Github and cofounded an Open Source organization called Web APIs for Angular.

I have also experience in public speaking and teaching, I made two JavaScript courses and wrote an interactive book about advanced Angular.

I like tech communities and events organizing.
I was the first lead of Google Developers DSC from Russia and now I help GDG Russia to make best tech events

My recent projects:

Jamigo is an instrument playing game. It helps you make practicing fun and easy

angular.institute is a simple interactive handbook about advanced Angular and a club for experts

You can contact me in any social media or by email 79601794011@ya.ru